Our Community Our Kids

Our Community, Our Kids (OCOK) believes that abused and neglected children who live in our community belong in our community.


Maintaing the safety of children while they are in our care

Keeping children within 50 miles of their home communities

Reducing the number of times children are moved between foster homes

Keeping siblings together


What is Community-Based Care?

Community-Based Care is a new way of providing foster care services. It gives local communities the flexibility and authority to improve the system. Within a geographical service area, a Single Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC) contracts with the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to coordinate and deliver services to children in foster care and their families. Our Community Our Kids is a division of ACH Child and Family Services and is the SSCC for DFPS Region 3b.


In 2014, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services selected ACH as the SSCC for Texas Region 3b. Soon thereafter, Our Community Our Kids (OCOK) assumed full responsibility for the region’s foster care system, managing the continuum of care provided to children in foster care and their families.

See our progress by viewing our current Community-Based Care: Bringing Kids Home Brochure.

Under Community-Based Care, an SSCC is responsible for:  

  • Developing foster care capacity
  • Building a Network of providers
  • Engaging the community to help
  • Foster Care placement services

When did Community-Based Care Begin?

Community-Based Care began in stages by expanding to a few designated service areas at a time. Within each designated service area, DFPS will implement Community-Based Care in two stages.

In Stage I, the SSCC will:

  • Develop a network of services
  • Provide foster care placement services
  • Improve the overall well-being of children in foster care
  • Keep children closer to home
  • Keep children connected to their communities and families

In Stage II, the SSCC will:

  • Provide case management
  • Provide kinship services
  • Provide reunification services
  • Expand the continuum of services to include services for families
  • Increase permanency outcomes for children

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