Category: Adoption
What’s the difference between foster-to-adopt and straight adoption?

All of our children in care are either in foster care or available for adoption. Until parental rights have been terminated, no case is certain to lead to adoption. Foster parents are usually “first in line” to adopt if a child’s parental rights are terminated. Straight adoption means that a birth parent’s rights have already been terminated, and the child is waiting for a forever home.

What is the process of adopting a child into my home?

Families are selected based on the ability to meet the needs of the child. The child will live in the adoptive home for at least six months before adoption can be finalized.

Are there any support systems for after the adoption is finalized?

Yes, adoptive families have access to Post-Adoption support services.

Is it expensive to adopt a child?

It usually costs around $1,000 for an adoption – sometimes more or less depending on the child or sibling you adopt.

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