Adoption - Get Started

To get started on your journey of becoming an adoptive parent, it is recommended that you first Attend an Adoption 101 Information Meeting. Click here to view upcoming dates.

Your next step is to choose one Child Placing Agency to become licensed through. You can begin researching the different agencies before attending an information meeting. Click here to Find an Agency.

View the list of requirements to become an adoptive parent here.

Adoption assistance is available to families that adopt children with special needs.

Adoption assistance must be applied for and the adoption assistance agreement negotiated and entered before the adoption is consummated. Otherwise, the child may not qualify for assistance.

Adoption assistance provides the child with Medicaid coverage and often a monthly monetary payment. The payment may be used to buy the child goods and services not covered by the Medicaid program. If the adoptive family needs help with the costs of the child's food, clothing, shelter and childcare, the payment can include funds for that purpose. The amount of assistance a child receives is based upon the child’s needs, the family’s circumstances and other available resources, such as public education and community based services.

The non-recurring adoption expenses program reimburses families for adoption related costs such as travel required to complete the adoptive placement process, court costs and attorney fees. The adoptive family must submit receipts showing they have paid these expenses. Upon consummation of the adoption by the court, the state will reimburse the family for all allowable expenditures not to exceed $1,200 per adoption. Tax credits are also available for families that adopt special needs children.

A Tuition and Fees Waiver for state colleges, universities, and some vocational/ technical schools may also be available as part of the adoption subsidy package and is contingent upon funding from the legislature.

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