The Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) is one of Our Community Our Kids innovative approaches to strengthening the quality of care provided to children and youth living in foster care. It is designed to develop new foster system strategies and to redefine the expectations and roles of caregivers (whether foster, relative, kinship, or adoptive) by providing them the resources they need.

The core premise of QPI if to ensure that children are safe and have effective, loving parenting. The best way to achieve this is by empowering the child’s own parents to care for him or her. If that isn’t possible, the system must ensure that the child receives quality, effective parenting from the caregiver.

Participants of QPI

The success of QPI is predicated on the participation of a wide variety of partners to include the following:

  1. Caregivers (birth, foster, relative, kinship, and adoptive parents)
  2. Community partners such as those from the faith community, LGBT community and business community
  3. Child welfare professionals, administrators, caseworkers, home developers, recruiters, etc.
  4. Child Advocacy Center, CASA
  5. Service providers, Education, Medical, Mental Agencies
  6. Department of Family and Protective Services
Our Community Our Kids Quality Parenting Statement

Our Community Our Kids parents are teachers, healers, and advocates for children and their families. They are real parents committed to raising children. They meet the unique needs and nurture the strengths of each individual child. They are respected and valued and an integral part of the team. They are supported in helping children lead normal lives and in maintaining lifelong connections with children and their families.

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