Professional Home-Based Care (PHBC)

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Consider the child who has experienced unimaginable trauma. Consider the pain of moving from one placement to another, often to different psychiatric hospitals and treatment centers far from home. Special care is required to work with higher needs children so they can heal. And that's where Professional Home-Based Care (PHBC) comes in.

On any given day there are over 1400 children in foster care in region 3B (Tarrant, Parker, Palo Pinto, Hood, Erath, Somervell, Johnson). Approximately 5% of these children qualify for Professional Home-Based Care and have been unable to receive the services needed in a family-based setting.

Introducing Professional Home-Based Care (PHBC)

PHBC is a short-term, 9-12 month, intensive, family-based level of care. PHBC is intended to be effective at stabilizing some of the most challenging children in the foster care system, preparing them to move into a forever family. Professional Home-Based Care will give you the opportunity to be equipped to meet a child's emotional and behavioral needs. You will be helping a child heal and grow. You will be equipping them with the skills and tools necessary for them to manage the impact of their histories and circumstances.

What are the advantages of being a PHBC Foster Parent?

As a professional foster parent, you will participate in an enhanced training program to prepare you for the challenge. Children can come to amazing levels of healing when their needs are met by creative, consistent, and committed caregivers.

  • Make a real impact on the life of a child
  • 24/7 support
  • Full-time family income potential
  • Ongoing training
  • Join a team of experts serving vulnerable youth
What are the qualifications of a PHBC Family?
  • Families must have at least one stay-at-home parent
  • No biological children younger than the age of 3
  • Experience working with challenging children
  • A commitment to providing trauma-informed care


Please select from the agencies below to become a licensed Professional Home-Based Care Provider:

The Bair Foundation - - 972.957.0030

CK Family Services - - 817.516.9100 x 133

R.I.S.E. Services - Cynthia Smith, Ed. D - - 817.612.4780


 For more information regarding Professional Home-Based Care, please contact Lindsey Stewart at or 817.502.1332.

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